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The goal of the Consultancy Program is to provide early-stage investigators with technical assistance in their research in geriatric palliative care. This technical assistance may encompass a range of topics including advanced statistical methods (i.e., propensity score matching, instrumental variable analysis, hierarchical linear modeling), study design (i.e., mixed methods, quasi-experimental designs), and power analyses. (Note, the Consultancy Program does not include reviews of grants - for grant review assistance please see Grant Review Program).

The consultancy will consist of up to 10 hours of consulting from an expert in the field of geriatric palliative care research. The consultancy will begin with a 30-minute videoconference between the applicant, the applicant’s home mentor (if applicable) and the consultant. Subsequent exchanges may occur via email, telephone, or videoconference. The consultancy will conclude with a final videoconference between the applicant and consultant.  All applicants are required to complete a post-consultancy evaluation.

The Consultancy Program is open to all early-stage investigators  (no more than 5 years out of their post-doctoral or post-graduate fellowship training) engaged in geriatric palliative care research. It is preferred that applicants include their research mentor in the consultancy but this is not required.

Interested applicants should email an application to which includes the following: