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Annual Palliative Care Retreat Presentations

The purpose of the Annual Kathleen Foley Palliative Care Retreat and Research Symposium was to provide an opportunity for interdisciplinary palliative care researchers to come together to network, learn from each other, discuss the science of palliative care and develop new research ideas and collaborations.

Below, please find a few of the presentations that were given at the retreat.

11th Annual Kathleen M. Foley Palliative Care Retreat: Kathleen Foley Talk

5th Annual Kathleen M. Foley Palliative Care Research Retreat and Symposium (215K)

Neil MacDonald Talk Montebello 2011 (1214K)

Research Into Practice: Building Bridges, Effecting Change (1016K)

Cost Savings From Palliative Care (985K)

4th Annual Kathleen M. Foley Palliative Care Research Retreat and Symposium (833K)

My year in Washington or Be at the Table or Be on the Menu! or Palliative Care and Health Care Reform: ...Connecting the Dots... (999K)

The Ten Commandments of Building a Successful Research Career (1913K)

Health Disparities Across the Cancer Continuum (577K)

2009 Retreat Introduction and Overview (513K)

Advising Young Researchers: It's not just about the publication or the grant (Kathleen Foley, MD) (49K)

Funding Opportunities in Palliative Care Research at the ACS (Ronit Elk, PhD) (2140K)

2008 Retreat Introduction and Overview (R. Sean Morrison, MD) (373K)

Building a Sustainable Research Infrastructure (Margaret Heitkemper, PhD & Albert Siu, MD) (41K)

2007 Retreat Intriduction and Overview (4934K)