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NIH Challenge Grants RFA Released - Application Due Date is April 27, 2009


Recovery Act Limited Competition: NIH Challenge Grants in Health and Science Research (RC1)

This initiative is funded under the Recovery Act. NIH has designated at least $200 million in FYs 2009 - 2010 to fund 200 or more grants,contingent upon the submission of a sufficient number of scientifically meritorious applications. In addition, Recovery Act funds allocated to NIH specifically for comparative effectiveness research (CER) may be available to support additional grants.  Projects receiving these funds will need to meet this definition of CER: “a rigorous evaluation of the impact of different options that are available for treating a given medical condition for a particular set of patients. Such a study may compare similar treatments, such as competing drugs, or it may analyze very different approaches, such as surgery and drug therapy.” Such research may include the development and use of clinical registries,clinical data networks, and other forms of electronic health data that can be used to generate or obtain outcomes data as they apply to CER.

Budget proposals are limited to $500,000 total costs per year for a total of $1,000,000 total costs over two years.

Because the nature and scope of the proposed research will vary, it is anticipated that the size of each award will vary. However, the duration of the awards issued under this FOA will be limited to two years.

NIH awards under the Recovery Act will be for two years.



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