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Clinical Trials in Palliative Care Research 

Description: This workshop focuses on designing and implementing clinical trials in palliative care research with an emphasis on methodology. Topics include trial design, sample size and power considerations, sources of bias and confounding, and analysis of quantitative results. We will discuss the specific challenges involved in clinical trials in palliative care and best practices for addressing these challenges.

Introduction to Hierarchical Modeling 

Description: This workshop will begin by describing the conceptual basis for using hierarchical modeling in palliative care research. Hierarchical linear modeling (or “multilevel analysis”) allows variance in outcome variables to be analyzed at multiple hierarchical levels. For example, data are often considered as patients nested within physicians nested within hospitals. Hierarchical modeling allows one to estimate the variance in an outcome at the patient, physician and hospital levels. Using examples with real data, the presenters in this workshop will demonstrate the importance of accounting for variation at different levels of analysis, will provide an overview of how to interpret results of a hierarchical model, and will consider the use of stratification and instrumental variables to assess differences in effects among clusters.

Mixed Methods Research  

Description: Mixed method research has become an essential tool for studying the complex issues involved in palliative care practice and policy. This workshop will describe ways to integrate qualitative and quantitative research methods and data. It will cover commonly used qualitative and quantitative data collection methods and procedures, theory, design, analysis, and interpretation of results. The presenters in the workshop will also describe the ways in which mixed methods research can inform palliative care intervention development and implementation. Using data from recent studies, workshop leaders will demonstrate how they have used mixed methods to inform specific interventions. At the end of this workshop participants will have a more in-depth understanding of mixed methods, its distinction from pure qualitative or quantitative methodology, and a practical understanding of the application of these methods to palliative care research.